Beginners Guide

Internationally, the large number of Uruguayan players scattered around the world, makes the continued with special attention the strongest leagues in the world such as international competitions also have good coverage in Uruguay. As for other sports, the only locally that could become an attractive market (which by now is not such) is cycling races and two traditional routes of the Tour of America and Uruguay.

A fact not less and that clearly shows that the little importance now being given to the issue of sports betting in Uruguay is that there is no control on the bets placed by athletes. So professional player can bet any undetected, something that undoubtedly will change soon.

No one disputes that football is the biggest sport in the country. With the same forcefulness can say that basketball is the second sport. To a lesser extent (because there is a more ambitious project of National League) basketball suffers a problem similar to soccer in terms of the number of clubs in the nation's capital.

However, the competition is far superior (compare proportionally) and parity between teams makes the results are a little more difficult to predict. Every week you can bet on different matches Super match by Uruguayan basketball.