Betting Bonuses

 I as a student from a small town (400 000 inhabitants) I noticed that the interest in gambling has been growing. In my city in two years opened three betting centers. The most popular in Mexico or at least in the northern region is the hot, hot currently has a monopoly on what they are betting here in Mexico.

In hot you can bet on all sports, a plus is the treatment given to the people, is very personalized and facilities are very comfortable, also has other games such as bingo, slot machines where depending on the amount that is introduced can be acquired gain.

It could be described as a good place, but yet from my point of view the HOT and other wagering centers in Mexico have some bugs the more attractive is that handle dollars, manage foreign exchange rate in a place where the weights are handled Mexicans, for every bet you must be thinking of changing dollars or the exchange rate when it could be much easier. Another negative point to address is the exaggeration of the minimum bet is very high and top it off is in dollars. In Mexico, the stakes are more for football Mexican soccer, is what most people know there betting line called Prolog and manage a prize each week but he accumulated a good wool is only direct match winner or loser can Double buying opportunity but increases the cost of that football's.