How to win every time at Sports Betting

When it When you play online or mobile casino games at places like, your chances of winning are determined by the laws of chance; there is no way of guaranteeing you will win; after all that is the nature of gambling. However in this article we will look at matched betting and show how it can guarantee that you will make a profit at sports betting. In fact just by investing a little money and a couple of days of your time you can win between £1,000 and £2,000 without risking anything - interested?

What we will do is take advantage of free matching bets offered by many online bookmakers for new customers. As these are available only to new customers, and there are a limited number of bookmakers who make this offer, the amount of money you can win is limited to the sums indicated above, but you can always get other family members involved.

First find a bookmaker offering a freebet; say it is up to £20. Bet on team A winning a football match, say the odds are 3/1.

Next open an account in a betting exchange and lay the same bet (effectively betting that team A won’t win) at similar odds.

If team A wins you receive £60 from the bookmaker giving you a profit of £50 and lose around £50 at the betting exchange.

If team A doesn’t win, then in similar fashion the bet and the lay cancel each other out. But you now have gained a free £20 bet. 

Now you bet that money on another match - say that team B wins and the odds again are 3/1. You also lay the bet at a betting exchange at the same odds.

If team B wins then you stand to gain £80 from your bet, but you will lose £60 on your matched lay bet, so you will have made £20 clear profit. If team B does not win, then you will have lost your free bet and made £20 at the betting exchange again giving you a clear £20 profit; you simply can’t lose.

There are a few caveats: betting exchanges charge a small commission, so expect to pay about 5% of your winnings. Also, some free bets do not return the stake in which case the calculations can be more complex though you can still make a profit.