Live Betting Tips

The status of gambling in Guatemala is currently involved in a major compendium of disputes and discussions that dive, inevitably, in a crisis. This is because, legally, the government authorizes only the operation of entertainment machines operated by electronic lottery. Thus, casinos and any other options that were not called 'video "are illegal, circumstance-naturally-hits close to sports betting environment.

This story now has social, political and legal in the country began to close after the National Lottery because manipulations Guatemala held in corruption. After a while, were dictating various exceptions to allow work to games like Millionaire Bingo ton authorized by the Guatemalan Pediatric Foundation, which promotes the area resources for maternal and child health, and St. Lucia Lottery, which works with all the blind and deaf to this Central  nation.

The most popular sport is football in Guatemala, but the refusal of the authorities towards gambling away the chance of creating an official entertainment that is based on the activity of the Lira National de Guatemala.

That's why some bookmakers Betrays decided as promoted in the country and put representatives available to Guatemalans who wish to enter the world of sports betting. Bin and Bet are two others which, by dint of trust, also won a place in the region.