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When it comes to sports betting, the betting Prode is the quintessential of Argentina. While today is a shadow of what it once was, when in the eighties had its boom, and bettors were kept abreast of the results that hawked the media, the Prude remains the most popular sports betting the country.

The Prude, reports directly to the State, which is handled through its National Lottery, and its board consists of thirteen games: eight that are held in the National First Division, and five more that are played in the country's first. In a country with clear trends game, Prude represents one of the many opportunities to conduct betting legitimately, and yet, enjoy the game that paralyzes every weekend the entire country.

If it would appear to Prude from outside, we could note however some clear disadvantages compared to pools of other countries. First, that the prizes are very minor. Second, that the Argentine championship in much more predictable in many ways. Equipped with two tournament-closing and opening - participating clubs usually end up having a constant weight over each of the tournaments. The differentiation between the teams is very clear. On one side are the two biggest teams in Argentina: Boca and River.