Mobile Betting

With regard to competition, currently Bwin has strengthened its image to a level that virtually eliminates the possibility that another entity can take the throne in the field. Moreover, the massive use of Internet closes the door to eventual offline sports book.

In Argentina, the most popular sport is undoubtedly football. This circumstance causes the mentioned activity is the most popular with punters. And in this area, mostly repeated bets on matches featuring the most popular teams such as River, Boca, Racing, Independent and San Lorenzo, the other haunted trend points to the teams 'revelation', as it was in Hurricane last championship, for example.

The remaining options chosen by the user type in Argentina are related skills involving their compatriots: European football leagues, tennis matches, NBA and boxing, among others. Finally, it is important to note the existence of Prodder, a traditional Argentine game created in November 1971 that involves predicting the results of 13 local football matches.

First Division and others in the B National, the second category. At present, the Prude not have a remarkable popularity because other games offer prizes abutted older. However, although the followers and suffered their temporary disappearance a few years ago, the Pride is sustained by the fervent passion that football in the country.