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However, and although it appeared that Formoapuestas not stop its growth, the Institute of Social Action Formosa (IS)-entity that had granted the authorization, decided to cancel the company's license, associated with the British firm Baton Sports, available for carrying out their duties. The version of Formosa regard stated: "Surprisingly, the IS license revoked arbitrary and unfounded arguments, as the company complied strictly contractual terms of the resolution. This situation forced us to suspend operations from September 30 of 2008. "

Worth mentioning the unsuccessful attempt by VC Apostasy imposed, but the truth is that Bin had his big chance to take the blow in the Argentine market and not squandered. Backed by Lottery Missions, the Austrian was inserted advertising strength and a proposal intended primarily to attract the public. Incidentally.

Bin offers the user the possibility to bet on more than 35 disciplines, poker, casino and skill games. At the same time, your site has audio and video broadcasts for major sporting events. Also noteworthy is that, as part of the bond agreement at the time of the license, the company promotes the development of sports in Missions, community relations and contributions to amateur athletes in order to contribute to the sport in the province.