Playing Football Game

Within the parameters of the law, in Brazil there are three ways to get all the attention regarding gambling game fused. They are the Lorena, the Googol and Time mania, which correspond to the nation's federal lotteries operated by the Caiman Economical Federal Bank for over 45 years. This is the most populous country in Latin America and focuses also a high degree of passion for football, the sport clearly rooted always in the mind of the Brazilians.

With specific regard to sports betting, entertainment par excellence is Lorena, also known as Lottery Sportive. His story began to take shape in 1970. At that time had 13 local soccer matches, while a later time you added a fourteenth.

The game play is traditional forecasts: users must select which team wins or if the match ends in a tie. Together, each participant can choose double or triple, provided a sum of money paid extra to approximate costing 0.30 euros the original ballot. The Lutes usually played weekly during the dispute of the date of Brazilian football, whether or regional tournaments Brasilia recognized. Finally, in February 2008, the Federal Government decided to launch the latest sports game, this time with the iconic Peel as promotional face. This is Time mania, comprising 80 Brazilian soccer teams and was devised to many clubs to pay its debts to the government. By law, the banks receive 22% of the proceeds as compensation for the use of its trademarks. At first, this amount was intended to catch up with the IRS. He then began to mean a fixed monthly income to be used freely.