Tips Of Online Betting

The product in question invites users to register and participate, indicating exact match, win or tie, both Paraguayan football matches as those for the playoffs, which, by the way, already completed. In addition, the website will point out the different ways to activate the membership: via mobile phone through a Western Union transfer or trade in the same offices.

The last attempt to exploit sports betting in the country was conducted by the Paraguayan company Advanced Concepts Corporation, who presented Googol, a game designed to fuse football with the rage technological means using cell phones.

To participate you had to buy a numbered card with hidden code and then wager on previously stipulated five games each weekend through a text message. The jackpot (initially, just over $ 40,000) was for who aperture the exact result of those five games, while the lowest (just over $ 4000) shipped by correctly predict the winner or a draw.

Its launch was promoted with the permission of the National Gaming (Bonanza), coupled with the promise of large rewards. However, this does not register any regular activity. This is recent history when it comes to sports betting in Paraguay, where the detailed business yet fell into the right hands to become a success, as in many parts of the world.