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There are a number of issues that match the history of Bolivia negligible with respect to sports betting environment. The low level of technological evolution, the very low amount of resources are there in sport in general and the delicate social situation facing the country are probably the most significant. Currently undergoing a profound crisis, football is the most popular sport in this corner of South America where the fusion of physical exercise with gambling is almost a utopia to date.

As a starting point, it is necessary to note the low culture of game that has the most people in Bolivia. For starters, not long ago approved a bill that seeks to ban gambling in Bolivia. This arose from an analysis led to the conclusion that the enormous growth of the business, especially in a clandestine manner, did not benefit society or the State.

With specific reference to football, which, incidentally, is the only sport in which they could devise a project that exploits the betting world in Bolivia, the recent-and repeated-flop selection (ended penultimate in qualifying for South Africa 2010 World Cup dispute and not since 1994) adds to the lack of seriousness competitive offers Bolivian Professional Football League. In that sense, professional footballers maintain a claim to the authorities in order to improve certain things that affect the aforementioned tarnished image.